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Welcome to unofficial documentation for Wi-Fi Taiou Gensen Table Game DS (Wi-Fi対応 厳選テーブルゲームDS).

WiFi Taiou GTG allow to play online at Mahjong, Hanafuda, Reversi, Renju (Connect five), Daifugou/Daihinmin and Go.

This game is only available in japanese and this wiki should allow to centralize all infomations to help players which do not read japanese.


Bienvenue sur la documentation non officielle de Wi-fi Taiou Gensen Table Game (Wi-Fi対応 厳選テーブルゲームDS) sur Nintendo DS.

WiFi Taiou GTG permet de jouer en ligne ŕ Mahjong, Hanafuda, Othello (Reversi), Renju (Connect five), Daifugou/Daihinmin et au jeu de Go.

Ce jeu n'étant disponible qu'en japonais, ce wiki doit permettre de regrouper toutes les informations utiles aux joueurs non japonophones.

Main menu

You can select :

  1. Play alone
  2. Play with a friend
  3. Play around the world
  4. My data
  5. Options

Games menu

You can play six games :

  1. Mahjong
  2. Reversi
  3. Daifugou
  4. Go
  5. Hanafuda
  6. Renju

Miscellaneous - Divers

  1. Friends codes - Codes ami (フレンズ)
  2. Discussions

Thanks to yugknup for his help on translation, deufeufeu for images capture and Caffeine305 for the few updates at the Go and Hanafuda Section.

Copyright 2007 Hudson Soft

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